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"This is the real deal, this is critical for learning how to make a career in video. If anyone is looking to make video or book videos for a company they need to see this."

Dorian Cohen
Creative Director, Owner - Metric Cosmetics

"This is amazing professional development, I learned a ton. All very well done!"

Garth Pratt
Creative Director - Tesla, Apple, Next IQ

"Luke’s extensive knowledge of video engagement is astounding. He was able to teach so much in a short amount of time. I highly recommend him!"

Tavann Young
Chief Development Officer - Porter Pro Media

Will you waste production budget or engage an audience?

Just because a video looks excellent, it doesn’t mean it will move a viewer to action. It’s time to move from untapped potential to rockstar creative. Making significant improvements to the impact of your videos is not about making adjustments to production value, it’s about understanding how to activate the mind of your viewer.
The Masters of Engagement curriculum is practical and powerful, crafted to level up anyone working in video production or strategy.

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Learn with other industry experts and brainstorm solutions to some of the hardest problems in the industry. 

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When your videos get real results, you're adding rocket fuel to your career, agency, or organization. 


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