Level up your ability to engage an audience.

Become a master of engagement.

Masters Of Engagement

Calling this a class or a workshop wouldn't adequately convey the work you will be putting in or the learning you will experience in one week. This experience focuses on helping you become the absolute best you can be at mastering the elements of psychology that are critical to video communication and storytelling.


Frequently Asked Questions

This experience is for people who create videos or work with video to communicate a message. If you want to level up your ability to engage an audience and make industry connections, then this is for you. 

Participants contributes to the learning of your cohort. The application process is necessary to ensure that collaboration is happening with other individuals who are qualified to validate your thinking. They will help you brainstorm solutions to some of the hardest problems you face in creating compelling content.

It’s not required to set aside all other work this week. Group meetings happen every night @ 7:00 central time and generally run two hours. I would avoid being on set for this week to get the most out of this unique opportunity.

The initial learning experience lasts five days.  Materials and assignments are distributed online daily throughout the week. You will complete some assignments individually and others with peers in a Zoom video conferencing room. These meetings happen every day, and you will find the interaction with your peers to be a necessary and compelling part of the experience. 

If your selected for a cohort and cannot make that particular week, the course can be deferred one time to the following session without applying again. 

The full Masters of Engagement experience costs $1000. This cost is generally paid for by an employer or the student directly. We truly believe this experience is extreemly under priced. 

Masters Of Engagement

Finally! A true professional development opportunity for video pros.
This one-week online workshop will become a milestone in your career and will have a massive impact on your future work. Take five days to focus on how to engage an audience and implement a video strategy. Learn with other industry experts and find solutions to some of the hardest problems faced by video creators.