How Comedy Ads Make Millions

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2021


Surprise success is excellent, but nothing beats planning for success and achieving it. People spend a lot of money on video productions, and it's critical for Chamber Media that people get the most out of that investment. J.R.Timothy points out that some videos intend to drive sales, promote app downloads, or build a brand. It is essential to start with that end in mind and get the most out of your video investment. J.R. Breaks down the Mr. Cool campaign with stories from the field and how creating multiple videos and retargeting ads helped achieve campaign success. AS a super funny guy J.R.'s personal metric of success is measured by his ability to get someone laughing on set. With a legacy of riffing into hilarious moments, J.R. shares stories of personal and company success. Make better videos by changing your approach to audience engagement. Here is a massive discount for the Masters of Engagement online workshop. Learn Video production strategy and find other podcasts here.


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