How do you come up with good video ideas?

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2021

How do you come up with good video ideas? Would you believe that the concept meetings at chamber media are the most fun part of the creative process? Coming up with hundreds of ideas requires having a yes mentality. Listen as J.R. Timothy describes some of the pre-production meetings that Chamber media uses to create hilarious and viral advertising. The anchor video is key to the chamber media strategy. An anchor video is a highly produced entertaining internet infomercial that helps ideas stick in people's minds. As you will learn from J.R., creating these incredibly effective sales videos requires creating multiple fun concepts and then inserting a powerful sales message. Once an anchor video comes together, people are so entertained that they don't even mind the advertising. Learning about this process will give you great insights into what a creative, effective team looks like and how trust is critical in comedy and video production. Thanks to J.R. And chamber media for letting us look behind the curtain to observe their incredibly creative process. Make better videos by changing your approach to audience engagement. Here is a massive discount for the Masters of Engagement online workshop. Learn Video production strategy and find other podcasts here.



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