Mark Rober's One-of-a-Kind Career


How did Mark Rober create a one-of-a-kind career on YouTube? Why did Mark Rober quit his job at NASA? What was Mark Rober's first YouTube upload? The best person to answer these questions is Mark himself. I sat down with Mark to get the scoop on his incredible career.
I spoke with Mark about his early YouTube career and how he thinks about being a professional video creator. Unlike our other guests this week, Mark stumbled into video when working at NASA; he created a FaceTime Halloween costume that gave him his first taste of viral success. That early win has compounded over the years into one of the most successful YouTube channels on the platform.
Mark is well known for his glitter bomb video and his squirrel ninja warrior obstacle course. In addition to his work, Mark is truly an incredible person, and I appreciate him offering this interview to Video Production Daily.
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How to Find Video Production Career Success and the Film School Question


How can I get into the film industry? Is film school a good investment? These are hard questions to answer when you know that working in video production is among your lifelong goals. In today's video production daily episode, we talked with Mykim Dang about her incredible career, and the impact Emerson Visual and Media arts school had on her career.

Explore this week's other episodes as you consider a career in video production.

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How to Build a Career in Viral Video Marketing

J.R. Timothy spends his time merging comedy and video. As a resident funny man, actor, and writer, JR has helped Chamber Media have a massive impact on businesses using viral video advertising.  In this interview, we will see how this comedy genius created an incredible career for himself.

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How to become a video producer? A Proactive guid.

Casey Schendel has worked as an executive producer at companies like Airbnb and Tesla and now runs "Think Out Loud." in this interview, he tells us just how this incredible career came together.
This Episode of Video Production daily focuses on the critical moments in Casey's career and an in-depth look at the question, Can you become a video producer without a degree?

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