How Mark Rober Makes Money


Mark Rober puts a lot of time and attention into making great videos. This effort is no longer just a hobby as Mark Rober is now a full-time YouTuber.

After working as an engineer at Nasa and Apple, Mark Rober is convinced that making videos is the most challenging career he has ever had. So why is he working so hard, and how is he making money?

In this interview, Mark Rober discusses how he makes money by making great videos on YouTube. Mark Talks through the sponsorships he has had over the past four years and the ad revenue he can generate from Youtube and Facebook views.

Although Mark is excellent at what he does, he still doesn't see running his youtube channel as a full-time job. He has purposely not built a big team and still insists on doing much of the creative work.

Mark is not obsessed with scaling every element of his channel. He is publishing one video every month or two and plans to keep it that way.

Mark sees adding a team, a book deal, and more...

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How to Build a Career in Viral Video Marketing

J.R. Timothy spends his time merging comedy and video. As a resident funny man, actor, and writer, JR has helped Chamber Media have a massive impact on businesses using viral video advertising.  In this interview, we will see how this comedy genius created an incredible career for himself.

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Building a Video Production Career by Embracing Your Unique Strengths

Amina Moreau can make audiences laugh, cry, and is always improving the world. Let's look at how this incredible storyteller built her career.

Sway Storytelling
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In this episode of video production daily, Amina does an incredible job answering the questions How can I make a video more interesting?
And, can I create compelling content on my phone?

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